Montana Style

Lots of news around these parts.  My husband and I are opening a Pure Barre in Montana… and are busy as can be {hence the lack of posts!}. Since I will be super busy… I am starting a daily “Montana Style” posts; posts of what I wear here in Beautiful Montana.  I’m thinking my style will evolve a bit– still want a laid back look, with more simple-rocker chic elelments.  Happy Monday!



































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Dumb & Dumber {“I’ll Be Dumber!”}

Surprise Bday trip {In Zara’s dressing room… we both bought the sequin amazing shorts!} to San Fran to visit some besties that I don’t get to see much… my Hub. is da bomb.  Also, my ombre is looking a little faded here… Love you Jessssssay.

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 7.37.32 PM

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February 22, 2012 · 3:39 am

Miss this.

At at friends wedding in San Fran.  My friend Ali {left} and I {right} loving life.  PS– Blogging hiatus.  Sometimes happens, sorry! XO.









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Concrete Wallpaper obsession by Tom Haga, based out of Norway. Very pricy, very worth it. Check them out here:

{Can you believe thats wallpaper?!! Unreal.}

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Fragile Life.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

{Photo of a recent paddle out I was at for a friend. Praying constantly that the family will be surrounded by love and peace.}

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Crate inspired

Wood crates; So many purposes. Here are some fave pics I have found on my pinterest.

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Next Hair Adventure.

Doing this. Soon. Stay tuned…

{Found via my Pinterest}


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